About us

Established in 2010 through the union of several producers and the decade of experience brought by the members of the “Cavallino srl” firm, O.P. Bellarossa, headquar tered in Lentini in the province of Siracusa, operates in the fruit and vegetable production sector, focusing primarily on citrus fruit.

Our company structure is made up of more than 60 associates located throughout Eastern Sicily, in particular in the provinces of Siracusa (Francofonte, Lentini, Carlentini and Augusta) and Catania (Palagonia, Sferro, Caltagirone and Paternò), covering around 600 Ha.

Our are to interact objectives directly with the producers in order to incentivize them to offer high quality products with the qualitative and organoleptic characteristics the market demands.

The O.P. Bellarossa organization, in addition to the board of directors with administrative and commercial duties, has been further expanded, with new technical members of the work group dealing with O.P. management and relations with the public administration as well as quality control, guaranteeing consumers the highest level of reliability and safety.