The production

The varieties we deal wi th are: Navelina, Tarocco, Moro, Clementine, Nova, Mandarini, Sanguinello and, to finish up the season, Ovale and Valencia. The Siracusa lemon is also one of our products, which we process all year round.

Our growers’ IGP-certified (protected geographic indication) sites are among the most productive in Sicily, and each one lends its products particular organoleptic characteristics that make them exceptional in terms of both appearance and taste.

Production is supported by a technical assistance service, which we offer our associates in every phase of production; our technicians give preferentiality to the use of agronomic techniques that significantly reduce environmental impact.

The fruit is monitored up to the moment of harvest, which is carried out only the specialized workers made available by our organization.

These are our products

Sicily Oranges

Siracusa Lemon

With regard to the citrus-growing sector, we want to emphasize that products provided by our associates cover the entire citrus season, which runs from October to June.